5. Tétel – Place of living – Lakás

• candidate’s flat/house
• furnishings, pieces of furniture
• household chores and appliances
• flat-related costs, maintenance
• the ideal home

Transitionally I live in a flat on the first floor in a block of flats on a housing estate with my mother, my sister, my husband and my daughter. We are constructing a two-storey big family house in Inárcs and we would like to move there in May. We’ll have a big garage, a double balcony, a big terrace, two bathrooms, a guest room, a working room, two children’s rooms, our bedroom with a walk-in closet and in one place the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. There is huge garden so we’ll make a big playground for the children and there’ll be lots of flowers and fruit trees.

Every rooms will be colourful there won’t be white wall. Every wood and furniture will be cherry-coloured and modern. There will be pictures on the walls and lots of plants everywhere.

In the kitchen there will be lots of household appliances because I like that kitchen utensils are near my hands, for example, the scales, the kettle, mixer, the deep fryer, the food processor and so on. In my kitchen there will be on the worktop the kettle, the food processor, the deep fryer, scales, the cutting board, the graters, the nutcracker, the toaster, the microwave oven and the bread slicer. The crockery, the plates, the cutlery, the cups and glasses, the bowls, pans and pots will be in the cupboard.

Our future house is my dream house.

The expenses of home are especially the overheads, for example, the bill of electric light, the bill of heating and gas, the bill of water and canal and so on. These expenses are the most. I think the second biggest charge is the food.

The maintenance of home may be so high if you call a specialist. You’d better you do it yourself if it needn’t professional help.

I think owning a flat is better because it’s a good investment and more secure than living in a rented flat. If you rent a flat, the owners can ask you to leave any time while if you live in your flat, you can stay there for all your life. It’s also true that you are more willing to finance repair jobs and redecorating if you are the owner.

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