9. Tétel – Culture – Szabadidő – művelődés, szórakozás

• music (listening to music, concerts, opera, playing an instrument)
• theatre
• museums, exhibitions

I listen to music at home and in the car. I’ve never been in classical concert, only in rock concerts. I don’t like operas so much, but I would like to go to the Opera-house and the Theatre of light opera sometimes.

I like both going to the cinema and the theatre. It’s true that I go to the cinema more often because of the ticket prices and parking. Our car was stolen once when we was in the theatre. Nowadays we go to theatre by public transport.

If you want to go to the theatre it is often necessary to book a seat before you go. Normally it is not necessary to book seats at the cinema.

If you book seats you can choose the ones you want on a plan. Seats on ground level are normally called the stalls; seats on the first floor are called the circle (or the balcony); if there are seats on the second floor they are called the balcony. When you go into the cinema or theatre an usherette will take your ticket and show you to your seat.

In my town there are lots of museum and famous art galleries: Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Tranportation, Postal Museum, Science Museum, Museum of History and so on.

I go to exhibitions very rarely because I haven’t so much freetime and my daughter doesn’t enjoy these visitations.

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