12. Tétel – Learning foreign languages – Idegen nyelvek, nyelvtanulás

• the role and importance of foreign languages
• language learning opportunities
• language learning experiences

It’s important that we take a language exam because it’s necessary if you want to get a degree, and it is an advantage when a student wants to go on to higher education. Nowadays if you want a good job, you will have to be able to speak foreign languages, and it’s good if you can prove it with a certificate. Of course, knowledge of an foreign language is advantage for you in your weekdays and in your travellings too.
You can learn foreign languages alone at home from a book, with a private teacher or at a language school, and of course abroad. 
I’ve been learning English for 15 years, and if I pass the language exam, I’ll learn Dutch and Italian.
I began foreign language learning when I was 12. I remember my first English book, it was a story-book about Linda. I learnt English seriously at the secondary school and at my first workplace, I had a private teacher. I got an elementary language exam, and later when I learnt English at London Studio, I passed the verbal intermediate language exam.

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