17. Tétel – Illnesses – Betegség

• common illnesses
• addiction (alcohol, drugs, smoking)
• stress, psychic diseases
In Hungary most people have coronary diseases or suffer from cancer. I think the majority of people don’t pay enough attention to their health and go and see a doctor only when it’s too late.
In my opinion, in Africa the biggest problem is the spread of AIDS, which is due to ignorance, lack of money and education. In the developed countries the most serious issue is cancer because in most of the cases it is incurable.

When you are unwell, you see the doctor in his surgery or send for him. From 15th February you have to pay visit fee. You tell him your trouble and he examines you by sounding your lings, listening to your heart, taking your blood pressure, feeling your pulse and taking your temperature. If it is nothing serious, there is nothing much to worry about, but you may have to take some prescription. He may put you on a diet, tell you to stay away from work or put you on the sick list.

If you are in need of urgent hospital treatment, the doctor will ring for the ambulance. As polyclinics are not self-sufficient for every kind of medical examination, you may be sent to hospital for observation.
Medical attendance covers the emergency medical- and accident attendance, hospital treatment and recourse of family doctor.

Herbs can replace medicines in certain cases and provide a more natural treatment. Herbs are mainly used to make teas. I believe in natural therapy not tablets and medicines.

Unfortunately many people are overweight in Hungary. People don’t care about leading a healthy way of life. They eat too much and too many fatty foods and they don’t do any sports. They don’t even walk, but use their cars or public transport.

There are addictions, which are very harmful, for example: smoking, drugs and drinking.
Smoking is very harmful and it’s very difficult to give up smoking. I think smokers smoke cigarettes out of sheer habit not for the taste and flavour of cigarette.
Drinking coffee is harmful too, but some people who has low blood pressure it’s helpful.

I think drugs are the most dangerous passion because it’s crocked up the body so quickly. Taking drugs weakens the addicts’ immune system, makes them susceptible to strokes and causes anemia. Young people try drugs mostly because of curiosity. Young people’s idols, famous pop stars, actors and actresses, also take drugs and show a bad example for them. Giving up drugs is very difficult because drugs are extremely addictive. I think it is almost impossible to give up drugs without professional help.

Drinking is as dangerous as taking drugs, both of them mend the feelings for a short time. Adults should call the attention of young people to the health hazards of drinking. They should make teenagers realize that alcohol is as addictive as drugs and cigarettes. Drinking is especially dangerous for young people as their liver functions are not developed enough to stop alcohol from destroying their brain cells.

I think it’s impossible to stop people from smoking and drinking with laws or regulations. Producing and distributing cigarettes and alcoholic drinks is a very profitable business.

Stress is a common trouble in our days. The most typical form is the stress at occupation. Future exercises and quick worktempo cause quick pulse, strain and phobia. This is a psychological trouble, such as anorexia, sexual problems, phobias (hydrophobia, claustrophobia), inside illnesses, etc.

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