21. Tétel – Travelling in Hungary and abroad – Kül- és belföldi utazás

• preparations
• favourite destinations
• types of trips (holiday, official, business, study, conferences)
• package tour (advantages, disadvantages)
If you travel to a foreign country you’ll need a valid passport. If you are travelling to certain countries, you have to apply for visas and you may also need certificates of vaccination. In some countries you have to be able to prove that you have either enough cash or an embossed bank card.

Most people prefer some kind of package holiday at a popular holiday resort, which means that everything is arranged for you and the price you pay includes transport, food and accommodation.

In Hungary, tourists can stay at hotels, motels, pensions, guest houses, youth hostels and in campsites.
In Great Britain there are hotels, inns, boarding houses, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels and campsites.
In the United States, instead of inns, boarding houses and bed and breakfasts, there are motels.

Hotels are classified according to the services they offer. Inns are pubs where people can stay the night. Boarding houses are private houses where you pay to sleep and eat. Bed and breakfasts are small hotels or private houses where you pay for a room and a meal in the morning. You can find motels along roads and motorways. They are cheap hotels for people travelling by car. Youth hostels provide cheap accommodation especially for students for a short period of time.

I think the most popular holiday places are in exotic countries, for example, Tunesia in Africa, India, Thailand, Canary-islands, Hawaii, Mauritius, Egypt, and so on. Lots of people go to Italy, Croatia and Greece too.

Holidays are more than relaxation because you can spend your time in an active way. You can walk long distances to get to know towns, visit museums, exhibitions and galleries, and even do some sports, like cycling, sailing or bungee jumping and parachuting.
Once I was parachuted with my husband by a motor-boat above the Mediterranean sea in Tunesia, and it was wonderful.

There are several ways of traveling: holiday, formal travelling, business travel, study journey and conference. Both of them are very useful, but you can relax and you can go sightseeing on your holiday.

I prefer package holidays because I like it when I don’t have to bother with organising anything. I just go to the travel agency and ask them to arrange the journey, the accommodation and all the programmes. We went to our honeymoon in this way to Tunesia, and it was wonderful. We were waited at the airport, the assistants told everything, a flight was beautiful, our travel guide waited for us at the airport in Tunesia and saw in us to the hotel, asked for our key, organised the programmes and we could ask for her with everything.

My friends, on the other hand, like to organise their holidays themselves because they got disappointed by some travel agencies. They search for addresses, call the places and book their accommodation.

Knowledge of foreign language is very important and it facilitates our situation everywhere, for example, at travelling, in restaurants, at shopping and so on.

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