22. Tétel – Weather, seasons, environment protection – Időjárás, évszakok, környezetvédelem

• environmental problems
• environment protection
• home environment protection (selective waste collection, energy saving at home)
• weather, seasons

In Hungary in spring the weather is usually changeable. It can be quite warm and sunny, or cold and rainy and windy. Summer is hot, sultry and dry. Sometimes there are storms and even hail. People don’t like autumn very much because it is usually cold and rainy with strong wind. In winter the weather is cold, the temperature is usually below zero and it often snows. The mornings are foggy and frosty.

To tell the truth, I like summer and spring because I don’t have to dressed well.
Because of the greenhouse effects there isn’t winter, for example, this year it hasn’t snowed yet and the temperature is below zero rarely. The temperature has been increasing.

People usually listen to weather forecasts on radio or television. With the extensive use of computers and satellites weather forecasts have become more and more accurate.

The weather in Britian is very changeable and unpredictable even from one day to the next. This is due to the influence of southwestern winds blowing off the Atlantic and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream which modify the original temperate climate of the country.

There are many rainy days in the year, even in winter.

Nowadays the main problems are the greenhouse effect, deforestation, rivers being diverted, dams being built, erosion, rapid consumption of resources and commodities, and pollution of air and water. The most important consequence of the greenhouse effect is the warming of the earth which causes climate changes and melts polar icecaps. Global warming means the increase in the world’s temperatures. The greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer are believed to be its main causes. The ozone layer can be protected only by international cooperation. People should stop producing and using harmful products that damage the ozone layer. The melting of the polar caps results in the rising sea-levels. It will flood populated areas and agricultural land.

Industrial pollution and overexploitation of the forests must be drastically decreased. The seas are endangered by industrial and other forms of pollution, such as oil spills from tankers and oil rigs. Most vehicles run on petrol or gas. Recently car manufacturers have launched cars operating with electricity. There is research going on how other energy sources, such as solar energy and water, could be used for running vehicles.
Almost everything can be recycled, like plastic bottles, paper, clothes, cans and metal. I think more containers should be placed not only in towns but in villages.

In Hungary more and more regulations are enacted to protect wild animals. Both hunting and keeping them are strictly regulated, so the situation is getting better.

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