23. Tétel – Telecommunications – Telekommunikáció

• telephones
• computers
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• internet

 In Hungary there are two types of public phone boxes. One which operates with coins, and another which operates with phonecards. But the number of public phone boxes fall off because of mobile phones.

A mobile phone has several functions, depending on its brand. In every mobile phone there’s a phone book, where you can store the numbers that you regularly call. In modern phones you can add voice labels to the numbers. You can send and receive SMSs, get information on calls and apply settings, e.g. the language, time and date, and handsfree function. They also include some extras, like alarm clock, timer, stop-watch, calculator and games.

In my opinion, you feel safer if you have a mobile phone because you will be able to ask for help if something happens to you. As almost everybody has a mobile phone nowadays, it’s a kind of an expectation for you to be contactable. Another reason for their popularity is that they are becoming cheaper and it’s possible to sign reasonable contracts with mobile telephone service providers.

I think the advantages of mobile phones are their disadvantages at the same time. It’s good to be contactable but it is sometimes disturbing that people can reach you everywhere.

It’s rude to use your mobile phone in public places, like libraries, cinemas, theatres, churches and temples, wardrooms in hospitals and schools and universities during classes.

Since when the computers appeared the function of fax machine lower because it’s quicker and the quality of computer is better.

Nowadays computers are used in all fields of life. You can find them in banks, post offices, shops, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, libraries, schools, offices, factories, homes and so on. Computers are used for storing data, word processing, keeping records, invoicing, managing production, etc. Traffic is also controlled with computers.

I have a laptop at home so I can surf the net, send e-mails, I do the shopping and I book cinema tickets or book seats at restaurants. Of course I can learn English by internet because there’re lots of online exercises.

Internet is helpful if someone live far from their families because he or she can keep contact with them by e-mail. They can write to their friends, relatives and colleagues. It’s better than telephone because you can contact more people at the same time and it’s more quicker than an ordinary letter.

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